Each week, “Just the Facts” provides information about a key aspect of the new regional medical center being built by Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS). It is designed to keep our medical staff, employees and volunteers updated as well as our community members. We believe it’s vital to keep our community informed about how we’re transforming healthcare in our region.


Has any new equipment arrived for the Wynn Hospital?

Yes! This month, we started receiving and installing new kitchen equipment. Gilbane is currently preparing to install the walk-in coolers, the large hoods have been installed and a new, Mt. Adams Wood Stone Pizza Oven has been put into place. 

The 64” x 64” pizza oven has both gas flame and wood-fired options, with a 15 square foot cooking surface and a 4-inch-thick monolithic hearth and dome. It is engineered with Wood Stone’s proprietary ceramic to hold on to and efficiently distribute heat. It can cook up to 16, 8” pizzas at a time. 

Pictured below is the pizza oven as it arrived, a rendering of what it will look like once assembled and what it will look like once it’s in place.